ZEX ModPack v4 – added wot cleaners



*ZJ Mods – 1.7.2018

* XVM 7.6.4

*RedBall By Stealthz

*Destroyed Objects On The Minimap By Stealthz

*Remove destructible object By Stealthz

If you have a problem with sound, go to %appdata%, \ AppData \ Roaming \ Wargaming.net \ WorldOfTanks and delete preferences.xml

If you have a weaker PC, do not use the XVM, decreases FPS!!!

If you use prohibited modes, you are risking to be banned !!!

Modpack Include:

Tank Trajectory By Pavel3333, Auto_Equip, Automatic Extinguisher, Blue dead tank and white tracks, Blue Neon Damage Panel By Andre_V & GambitER, Green Neon Damage Panel By Andre_V & GambitER, ColoredLasers, Coloured marks hits, Contour icons, Crew extended, Destroyed objects on the minimap, Female crew, Golden tank, Gun_marker, Jimbo_Sights_for_WoT, SafeShot, Shadow By Stealthz, Skills crew in the battle,  Tracers By KoCoi, Tundra Script, Visible Railway,  wn8 in battle,  xvm by zex,  YasenKrasen_SessionStatistics,  ZJ_AimBotShaytan,  ZJ_ContourLook,  ZJ_MRL, ZJ_TargetDirection,  …

In this version of the installer you can choose the full installation, installation without xvm, installation without cheat modes and custom installation. 

You can always uninstall by running the uninstaller from the control panel or start menu.

How to download



Install mods to the C:\Games\World_of_Tanks or where is your  World_of_Tanks folder

>>Download zex modpack – v4<<

PayPal: zex@wotcheatmods.com
BTC: 1ABv26ckHjLxA9jgamCQC881Ej3tQLozxj
ETH: 0xfd92015d78837b08e7af39ed025156efe6882c38
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  1. there is something wrong with the new version, makes my game drop to 30 fps (i have a good system) must be some mod causing it.

      • its only happened once so far, i keep waiting for one to pop up again so i can taker a better look at it but hasnt yet, strange. definity was a WoT web broswer popup though

      • Yes, Red Ball by Limarik is the one that makes popups for sites.
        (my antivirus keeps warning for those popup sites.)
        Use Stealthz Red Ball mod instead, it has nothing like that afaik.

  2. A tak fajnie się grało, to znowu dali te zjebane mody ZJ. I znowu będą strzały z nikąd 🙁

  3. Hi, i really like your Modpack, its simple for install and play. Great jobs ;)(sry for my english, im french)

  4. Para cuando una nueva actualizacion con todos los mods? y que paso con el AimBot -Shaytan?
    buen trabajo y gracias

  5. All works well, but no blue dead tank, strange. Is there a key for activate it? for all mods, is there a key for activate them? 🙂

  6. never got banned for using this modpack
    btw, what happened with many mods on latest version??? many useful mods were removed
    do u plan to add them in next version ???

  7. i’ve also noticed there is a lot of people getting banned. is this safe to use or what? what mods should i avoid using? (aimbot ofc, but is there others)^?

  8. remove destructible object makes the game drop to 20 fps when pressing multiple times SHIFT. this issue was a think until 1.0, is it still present with the new engine?

  9. Please could you add these options for the mod.
    1: An automatic repair kit with an option to set repair priority.
    2: An automatic first aid kit with an option to set heal priority.
    3: An option to block your entire team from chat.
    4: A users manual to the mod itself and what all the options are for.

    Thanks very much!

  10. Hi,
    just downloaded the modpack
    I can’t fire my tank?
    Did the mod change my control settings?
    Even after deleting the preferences file
    Pls help

  11. So far modpack are great with few bugs that was worked in short time after they noticed. Good job…

    • Remove all mods, run game and goto Settings. On tab Support click button CHECH to Check and repair game integrity.

  12. This modpack is fukked !
    Crashes game 24/7 ! (since 9.22 i think)
    Did u sell it to WG and induced some code to crash it and report illigal mods users? cos it surely looks like that if u dont fix it…
    It WAS best modpack i know so far, nice easy clean install and best mods of choice !
    But sadly now its just CRASH CRASH CRASH…

    • I’m really sorry, I can try mods only on three computers, I see that it works and that’s it. Many people I know try and work with. I’m not reporting anyone. I do not know what the problem is with you, but you can find out which mode is the real problem. Try 5 modes, if everything is right then add 5, if you have a problem then it is easy to find it.

      • The only thing that crashes my game is dead tanks skin. Without it works perfectly. Cheers for modpack!

        • Where the game is installed, specify the correct path. (C:\Games\WorldOfTanks or D:\Games\WorldOfTanks or to another location)

    • Yes, but I think 80% of players use some modes, will they give everyone BAN …?
      I’m wondering if XWM is forbidden to use … I do not know.

  13. Banovali me na 7 dana zbog modova…
    ” Topic: Your account has been suspended from World of Tanks

    Dear player,

    This is an automated e-mail to inform you that a temporary 7 days account suspension has been applied to your account. Your account has been identified for the usage of forbidden and unfair game modifications. The above action is applied immediately.

    Please note, that our decision is based on a very thorough investigation and cannot be overturned.

    Note that if you are flagged a second time, your account will be permanently banned.

    To avoid future action against your account, please familiarize yourself with our Fair Play Policy and a breakdown of illegal software categories:


    We are sorry that we had to take such action, but please note that our aim is to guarantee fun, fair play and strategic satisfaction to all our players. “

  14. Nonsense. It is not great wisdom to find out which mode creates problems. Be smart and find out which mode is the problem and tells us all. Run the elimination system.

  15. hy!the game is constantly crashing!%appdata% does not help
    and the installation was marked with the program !!!Trojan!!!
    Please check!

  16. Hello,
    Thanks for what you do. I have a problem with your pack. Before the ZEX skull as well as the ZEX MODPACK phrase appeared in the game when loading. It’s no longer the case now.
    Also vote pack can it be detected by WARGAMING?
    Thanking you in advance.

  17. I instal :

    xvm config by zex
    YasenKrasen Session Statistics
    Arty Reload Timer
    Auto Equip
    Colored Lasers
    Coloured marks hits
    Destroyed objects on the minimap
    Golden tank
    Shadow By Stealthz
    Fog Remover
    Tracers By KoCoi
    Tundra Script
    ZJ ContourLook
    ZJ Marker Reload
    ZJ TargetDirection
    Tank Trajectory By Pavel3333
    Zoom out mod
    Damage Panel
    Damage Panel by GambitER
    Sight Destroyer
    Show skills crew in the battle
    WN8 in battle
    ZJ Hit Marker
    Red Ball
    Remove destructible object
    Minimap Gun Direction

    and game not crashed.

  18. Czy działa wam celownik do artylerii bo mi jak nacisnę shift to pokazuje mi celownik ale nic nie można zrobić ani strzelać czy wyjść z tego kiedyś tego nie było.
    Proszę odpowiedź czy tylko ja tak mam?

  19. Hi
    Still cant get the Arty to work
    i left shift, then get a circle in front of me,
    im then frozen out of the keyboard.

  20. Hi I have problem with the alterian viewfinder when I press the shift does not switch to the viewfinder and nothing can be done

  21. yasenkrasen session
    automatic extinguisher
    blue dead tank
    coloured marks hits
    fog remover
    tundra script
    zj contourlook
    sight taipan 2
    funcionando ok sin problemas en el juego

  22. Hi. Removed mods and folders red_mod and temporary files, and started in safe mode and, after a while, also leaves the game. He could see that we simultaneously attracted several players at the same time. I do not know what is due. a greeting

    • Try to install one by one mode to find out which real problems. This is the only solution for you, and you can help others. I do not have this problem and I can not help you.

  23. I did it! %appdata% and the game still fails!!!I do not know what the problem is!
    will not let you enter the game until the battle is over!
    if possible solve the problem. Thank you very much!!

          • Automatic Extinguiser, Blue dead tanks, Colored lasers, colored hits, colored icons, Golden tanks, mark of exellent mods, Shadow By Stealthz, Zoom out mod, Aimbot, damage panel, sight, tundra, tracer by kocoi, female crew, auto equip, shadow dkills, visible railways. crew extended, red ball, black and white circle. remove object, night warfare, gun direction an minimap, TD handbrake removal

          • Auto equip, Female crew, Tracers by Kocoi, Tundra, Damage panel, Sight, Black and white circle, Remove destructible objetct, Night warfare Minimap gun direction, TD handbrake removal… those mods i removed… and game still works… i think TD handbrake is the problem here for game crach

          • ok, now add the first 5 mods and try … so you will find out which mode does not work with you

  24. Thanks a lot for your work, but in the new mode 9.22.0 – v3 , the game is down more or less to every third game and it will not turn on until the battle is over.

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