AimBOT VANGA By Lportii

February 17, 2019 zex 2

Autoaiml Vanga – a very convenient mode for playing in the tanks, because autoaim becomes intelligent. It calculates the trajectory of the movement of the […] Shadow By Stealthz

February 17, 2019 zex 2

Interesting cheat mode Shadow , which makes shooting without glare is much more effective. Very handy thing, if the enemy suddenly disappeared from the glare, […] RedBall By Limarik

February 17, 2019 zex 0

If you are a true lover of the artillery, the modes “Red Balloons” is specially designed for you. Now you will have the opportunity to […] XVM Extended Visualization Mod 7.8.1 by zex

February 12, 2019 zex 5

XVM-7.8.1: [GENERAL] * World of Tanks [HANGAR] * added options: “hangar”/”showReferralButton” – show “Referral Program” button “hangar”/”combatIntelligence”/”showPopUpMessages” – disable display pop-up messages in the […] Crew Skill Informer

February 11, 2019 zex 0

Presenting your attention the informative mod “Crew skill Informer” which shows crew’s skills and perks in battle window. By default, this mod is activated by pressing […] AutoEquip Mod

February 11, 2019 zex 4

Description: Very easy modification, which can save both your time and your money. I think a lot of players get tired of constantly seek tank […]