9.20 Crew Skill Informer

September 5, 2017 zex 0

Presenting your attention the informative mod “Crew skill Informer” which shows crew’s skills and perks in battle window. By default, this mod is activated by pressing […]

9.20 Path Finder 3D By ProTanki

September 3, 2017 zex 0

To configure the mod, open the World_of_Tanks mods configs protanki pathfinder3D.json file with the free Notepad ++ text editor. “Enable”: true, – the mod is […]

9.20 FM Wargaming Radio

September 1, 2017 zex 0

FM Wargaming radio in the hangar and in the battle for World of tanks In combat, the radio station can control the buttons :  the F9 – start […]

9.20 SafeShot

August 31, 2017 zex 2

Fixed!!! Mod Safeshot is very useful for any player of the World of tanks 0.9.20 It helps to block a shot by ally or destroy […]

9.20 Crew extended

August 29, 2017 zex 0

Extended crew skills tells you how much more battles xp you need for the next skill… YasenKrasen Vanilla

August 20, 2017 zex 7

It does not change the language you set in the game. YasenKrasen is a combination of two mods Colored Messages mod and Session Statistic mod. […]