9.18.0 Shadow mod

April 26, 2017 zex 0

Description Interesting cheat mode Shadow , which makes shooting without glare is much more effective. Very handy thing, if the enemy suddenly disappeared from the […]

9.18.0 Colored lasers

April 26, 2017 zex 0

The mod displays the beam from the barrel of a gun of the enemy, indicating the direction of the barrel on the battlefield. This mod […]

9.18.0 Arty Reload Mod

April 26, 2017 zex 0

Description: WoT mods Arty Reload Mod which gives you information on how much time will be artillery ready for the next fact. If you need to […]

9.18.0 Something vas hit

April 26, 2017 zex 0

              Description: After installation of this modification, you can track the effectiveness of fire on missing glare of opponents. […]


April 21, 2017 zex 4

AimBotShaytan ContourLook HitMarker ArtyPlace Laserpointer Marker Re-the Load Tundra AUTOEQUIP Devices AutoRepair Zmod Detector Tundra

January 24, 2017 zex 0

Mod Tundra allows you to remove the crowns of trees and foliage in the sniper scope. This method of removing excess vegetation gives you a […] [ZJ] HitMarker

December 18, 2016 zex 0

ZJ HitMarker Hit in the blind. Mods visually shows when you hit a tank and that he had not been visible The mod denotes the […] ZJ_Laserpoint

December 14, 2016 zex 1

Description: Laser Pointer – cheat modes showing the direction of the enemy trunks . Maud helps in the midst of battle are aiming to trace […] ZJ_ArtyPlace

December 14, 2016 zex 1

Description: If you are a true lover of the artillery, the modes “Red Balloons” is specially designed for you. Now you will have the opportunity […]

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