9.20 X-Ray By Bosomi

August 29, 2017 zex 0

X-Rays (rentgen) mods for WOT 9.20 Description: Mod alters the tanks of the world customer, so that the enemy tanks circled constantly, regardless of whether […]

9.20 Fog Remover By AtotIK

August 29, 2017 zex 0

Description: After the release of the next update to World of tanks have a new feature – card with fog. Many players – it’s not […]

9.20 Lasers By PolarFox

August 28, 2017 zex 0

The mod displays the beam from the barrel of a gun of the enemy, indicating the direction of the barrel on the battlefield. This mod […]

9.20 Tracers By KoCoi

August 28, 2017 zex 2

Description: To your attention a great mod that displays color tracers after the shooting . This version has several features that can help you in […] AimBOT VANGA By Lportii

August 22, 2017 zex 5

Description: Avtopritsel Vanga – a very convenient mode for playing in the tanks, because avtopritsel becomes intelligent. It calculates the trajectory of the movement of […] RedBall RU

August 22, 2017 zex 0

Only for RU server!!! Trial until 1/9/2017 If you are a true lover of the artillery, the modes “Red Balloons” is specially designed for you. […]