9.18.0 ZEX ModPack v6

May 22, 2017 zex 85

Updated ZJ_AimBotShaytan,  ZJ_ContourLook,  ZJ_MRL, ZJ_TargetDirection, ZJ_HitMarker, Destroyed objects on the minimap and Red Ball Working period until 1.6.2017 Modpack Include: Auto_Equip, Automatic Extinguisher, Blue dead […]

9.16 Multipack by PROTanki

October 13, 2016 zex 0

Description Multipack of collective Protanki – this is one of the best mods assemblies in WOT. The main advantages of this modpaka: -Built Launcher will […]

9.16 OldSkools ProMod

October 13, 2016 zex 0

The ProMod Project is already that famous, we had to add Multiserver Support in the last Patch. You could see it urself these Patch day. […]