Destroyed Objects On The Minimap By Stealthz



You the cheat mode, which shows the fallen trees on the minimap , it also displays the destruction of other facilities: fences, cars, houses and so on. Now it is much easier to determine in which the square is your opponent. After all, any careless maneuver and he immediately reveals itself. It would seem that only a falling tree, but it can play a key role in the outcome of the tank confrontation. After the destruction of the object appears on the minimap marker signaling on the location of the enemy, as well as sound an audio signal, which allows not to miss this moment.

In any case, we recall the events was included in the list of prohibited customer modifications. Do not put your replays and screenshots in the public domain.

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source: wotspeak.ru


  1. Działa, ale mógłbym prosić by zamiast białych kropek na mapie pojawiały się świecące kwadraty jak było w poprzednich wersjach? Kropki są mało widoczne

  2. Dzisiaj przestał działać. Zbugował się HUD (zniknęła tabela, celownik, mapa i wszystkie informacje). ESC też nie działa. Widac sam czolg tak jakbyś grał na klawiszu V

  3. then i install this mod, may av has to block an unrequestet pop up, the mod works, but there is a spyware or what ever u will call it in it, that will go to an viruspage, that my av blocks…strange, buddy says the same… i rip the mod and no problem anymore … too bad

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