9.16 Multipack by PROTanki



Multipack of collective Protanki – this is one of the best mods assemblies in WOT.
The main advantages of this modpaka:
-Built Launcher will tell you about a new version of Multipack and will significantly increase the FPS games;
-For Voice mods have the opportunity to listen to before installation;
Setting-Slim graphics component of the game client;
-Ability To download from the Internet mods large straight during installation multipacks;
-Mechanism Blocking attempts to incorrectly install mods;
-Mechanism Protect the game client installation modpaka over HERE tweaking;
Supports multiple languages allows the use of this assembly on clients other WOT clusters;
-Gigantsky Amount of available versions of the game client with the ability to select the right;
-Function Removal of outdated versions of the game;
-Vstroen Modes for streams on popular resource twitch.tv;
-Ability To save the old mods before installing multipacks;
-Razvernutoe Description of each modification with embedded images.

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