9.18.0 AimBot Vanga

April 27, 2017 zex 3

Description: Avtopritsel Vanga – a very convenient mode for playing in the tanks, because avtopritsel becomes intelligent. It calculates the trajectory of the movement of […]

9.18.0 YasenKrasen Vanilla (d)

April 27, 2017 zex 1

YasenKrasen is a combination of two mods Colored Messages mod and Session Statistic mod. First changes the look and feel of Notification Center, In-Game Messages […]

9.18.0 Tracers mod

April 26, 2017 zex 2

Description: To your attention a great mod that displays color tracers after the shooting . This version has several features that can help you in […]

9.18.0 Shadow mod

April 26, 2017 zex 0

Description Interesting cheat mode Shadow , which makes shooting without glare is much more effective. Very handy thing, if the enemy suddenly disappeared from the […]

9.18.0 Crew Skill Informer

April 26, 2017 zex 0

Presenting your attention the informative mod “Krew skill Informer” which shows crew’s skills and perks in battle window. By default, this mod is activated by pressing […]

9.18.0 Sight Taipan 2

April 26, 2017 zex 0

Description: Stylish green sight Taipan 2 for World of tanks designed to add some fun to your game client World of tanks. The composition […]

9.18.0 Sight Destroyer

April 26, 2017 zex 0

 Added armor thickness indicator Description: Destroyer Sight indicating the thickness of armor for World of tanks is a series of Strike and different healthy […]

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