9.16 X-Rays

October 6, 2016 zex 0

X-Rays (rentgen) mods for WOT 0.9.16 Description: Mod alters the tanks of the world customer, so that the enemy tanks circled constantly, regardless of whether […]

9.16 Bosomi Reload Mod

October 6, 2016 zex 4

Bosomi Reload Mod for WOT 0.9.16 Description: Very useful cheat mod that alert you to time to recharge completion enemy tank . Sometimes, it is […]

9.16 Sights Jimbo

October 5, 2016 zex 0

Jimbo Sights for WoT This is one one of the first sights that have been created for our favorite game World of Tanks. With its […]

9.16 Colored tracers

October 5, 2016 zex 0

              Description: To your attention a great mod that displays color tracers after the shooting . This version has […]

9.16 Arty Reload Mod

October 5, 2016 zex 0

Description: WoT mods Arty Reload Mod which gives you information on how much time will be artillery ready for the next fact. If you need to […]

9.15.2 Tank skins by Slayer

September 23, 2016 zex 0

List of tanks for which there are skins USSR IS. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi. T-44. Riko Mine. Churchill III. Clannad. T-54. Shaga Ayame. T-50. Katusha. Object 704. […]

9.15.2 xvm config by zex

September 17, 2016 zex 0

* lines on the minimap implemented (circles are not yet) XVM: eXtended Visualization Mod – is a battle interface modification for the popular MMO, World […]

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