Sight Destroyer

Added armor thickness indicator

Destroyer Sight indicating the thickness of armor for World of tanks is a series of Strike and different healthy minimalism. If you need a scope with a large amount of information (it must be said, are usually completely superfluous and only hinder the review), this sight you just do not fit. But it will be a good choice for players who want a convenient sight, displaying the armor thickness and the amount of remaining HP (points of strength). In hot skirmish, when you are constantly using the sniper scope, you can not see a significant loss of HP, so that the latter will not be superfluous.
Just below the center through the slash shows the average penetration of your shell and armor thickness at the point on which the sight is pointed. On the left is recharge timer on the right – the number of HP and sight zoom (2x, 4x, etc.). Above shows the distance to the target. There are display shells in the drum.
The mod includes the following:
-Arkadny sight
-Snaypersky Sight, which just shows the penetration of the projectile, armor thickness, etc.
-Artilleriysky Sight, which is also characterized by minimalism.

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source: wotspeak.ru

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