Tracers By KoCoi


To your attention a great mod that displays color tracers after the shooting . This version has several features that can help you in another productive game of randomness or a Working Capital battles. Once any of the tanks fired a shot that the cheat mode draws tracer thickened and it does not disappear immediately as the standard version of the game, and disappears with some delay. Also changed and the color of the tracer, depending on the type of projectile that fires. White color marked conventional armor-piercing projectiles, violet color indicates the cumulative ammunition, yellow marked explosive projectile, well Subcaliber marked in light blue.

This mod is banned Wargaming. Do not replicate screenshots of the game and replays of fights in the open air. Otherwise, you are putting your account at risk of being blocked.

>>Download link<<

source: wotspeak.ru


  1. Why not every tank are getting trace and not every time they are firing, some maps they get trace and others with the same tank they are not getting traced????

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