XVM Extended Visualization Mod 8.1.7 by zex

* Added option:
"userLanguageFolder" - the path to the folder containing custom localization files,
set relative to the user config folder.
* Various bugs fixed

* Implemented sound banks loading on 64-bit clients

* Fixed {{pp.mode}} macro in battle mode "Ranked battle"
* Added the ability to scroll the contents of the hit log

* Added filter for vehicles that have crews with less than 100% training level
* Added option:
"hangar"/"showRankedBattleResults" - display info window with the battle results in the "Ranked battle"
"hangar"/"equipmentPanel"/"showNumberEquipment" - show the remaining quantity of equipment in depot
"hangar"/"equipmentPanel"/"showNumberDirectives" - show the remaining quantity of directives in depot

>>Download link<<


  1. Dear Zex, after the WG’s suggestion I have just installed the 64 bit version on my MacBook Pro. Before I was using the 32 bit version. After the installation I have come across problems with the XVM mod, dowloaded from your website. Could you help me hot to fix that problem? Is it possible to go back to 32 bit version?
    Thank you very much in advance for your assistance!

  2. new wot install + this pack = nothing

    what the hell is my problem, my game looks like without mod 🙁

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