9.20.1 Battle Observer By Armagomen

* Correction of errors associated with the global map

Very easy to use mod for World of tanks, which is decorated with a little common account at the top of the display panel and adds to the information on the amount of health points from the surviving players of both teams. Mods little better understanding of what is happening on the battlefield. After all, there are times when seemingly on the general account your team ahead, but the tanks were left with a small margin of safety. As a result, you can make the wrong decision and lose the battle. Now you will possess more information and to understand how to correctly behave further.
If fashion is not displayed correctly, the make install fonts that are in the archive.

If you use XVM mod, with Notepad ++  open file“res_mods\configs\xvm\zex\battleLabelsTemplates.xc” and set 

“totalHP”: {
“enabled”: false,

“avgDamage”: {
“enabled”: false,

“mainGun”: {
“enabled”: false,

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