9.20.1 Path Finder 3D By ProTanki

To configure the mod, open the World_of_Tanks \ mods \ configs \ protanki \ pathfinder3D.json file with the free Notepad ++ text editor.
“Enable”: true, – the mod is enabled, “enable”: false, – the mod is turned off (do not forget about the syntax of json and watch for commas)
“DisplayMethod”: “0” – display of arrivals always.
“DisplayMethod”: “1” – display of the races at a distance of 300 meters.
“DisplayMethod”: “2” show the arrival when holding the hot key (Alt by default).
“DisplayMethod”: “3” – displays arrivals after they are activated by pressing the hotkey once (Alt by default), pressing again turns off the display of the mod.

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  1. okay, ican see the pathes but i cannot see them on minimap as in last patch? how can i fix it? or enable it if its there also… in last patch the pathes was 2d objects now they are 3d tubes and sometimes its really annoying in sniper mode when u are close

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