9.20 Path Finder 3D By ProTanki

To configure the mod, open the World_of_Tanks mods configs protanki pathfinder3D.json file with the free Notepad ++ text editor.
“Enable”: true, – the mod is enabled, “enable”: false, – the mod is turned off (do not forget about the syntax of json and watch for commas)
“DisplayMethod”: “0” – display of arrivals always.
“DisplayMethod”: “1” – display of the races at a distance of 300 meters.
“DisplayMethod”: “2” show the arrival when holding the hot key (Alt by default).
“DisplayMethod”: “3” – displays arrivals after they are activated by pressing the hotkey once (Alt by default), pressing again turns off the display of the mod.

DefaultĀ “DisplayMethod”: “3”


>>Download link<<

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