AimBOT VANGA By Lportii


AimBot Vanga – a very convenient mode for playing in the tanks, because autoaim becomes intelligent. It calculates the trajectory of the movement of the enemy and taking into account all the parameters of shooting with such anticipation that certainly hit the opponent. An additional advantage of Vanga sight is that he shoots at the enemy’s vulnerable places. You do not have vytselivat vulnerabilities to download different skins with areas of penetration, wrestle with learning weaknesses hundreds of tanks place. Simply click on the autoaim and punish enemies. sight developers are constantly improving their creation, taking into account the wishes of gamers. So visit our website and download the latest version of Vanga.
Remember that downloading illegal fashion, you do so at your own risk. Do not lay out replays of fights, screenshots of the game. Otherwise, the SH has the full right to ban you.

>>Download link<<

source: wotspeak.ru


  1. Co zmienić w ustawieniach, żeby aimbot nie celował w weakspoty, ale zeby dalej celowac przed pojazdem w ruchu?

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