Artillery is worked to rebuff the adversary’s imprudence. Downpour hellfire upon illegitimate adversaries and cluck happily. See the master plan, contribute recommendations for composed assaults or redistributing powers.

Answer associated calls for help, support hostile pushes, and wipe out dug in powers. Grouped foes will fear your sprinkle harm. Your vigilant gaze is a steady yet frequently inconspicuous risk.


  • Heaviest-hitting vehicles
  • Indirect fire / splash damage
  • Bird’s-eye view
  • Look for entrenched, clustered enemy vehicles
  • Use your bird’s-eye view to plot the next course of action for your allies
  • Support the point of the spear or help protect stranded allies; it’s your call
  • Low armor values
  • Poor maneuverability
  • Long reload time
  • Faster tanks will run circles around you
  • You’re a high-value target; avoid getting spotted
  • Enemy artillery can dispatch you with one well-placed shot