[ZJ] HitMarker

June 30, 2020 zex 0

Working period until 11.7.2020 Hit in the blind. Mods visually shows when you hit a tank and that he had not been visible. RedBall By Limarik

June 30, 2020 zex 0

In the event that you are a genuine admirer of the big guns, the mods for wot “Red Balloons” is uncommonly intended for you. Presently […] Shadow By Stealthz

June 30, 2020 zex 3

  Description Fascinating cheat mods for wot Shadow , which makes shooting without glare is considerably more viable. XVM Extended Visualization Mod 8.5.4

June 28, 2020 zex 11

XVM 8.5.4 General Compatibility with World of Tanks XFW.Native update to 2.0.5 Added automatic crash reporting (only for CIS region) Hangar Added option:”hangar”/”showCustomizationCounter” — show […]