AutoEquip Mod



Very easy modification, which can save both your time and your money. I think a lot of players get tired of constantly seek tank installed pipe, remove the telescope from one tank to another and then rearrange. The same can be said about the camouflage net and a tool box. In addition, there is no need to have the horn for all tanks, enough to buy a single module.

This modification produces an unattended installation and removal of equipment in the World of tanks.
To fashion began to work correctly, it is necessary once installed on the tank unit. Modification to remember what a tank module is installed in the future she will begin to put the necessary module before the fight and after the fight to put it to the warehouse.

Visually verify the performance mode you will follows. Create a squad, select the tank, install modules. Then click “Ready” or “Not Ready” and pay attention to the panel modules.

It works only with those additions, removal of which do not need to spend gold – mask, telescope and a box of tools .


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source: wotspeak.ru


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