Fire Extinguisher By Ekspoint


Many players of the world of tanks are losing a lot of points of strength and receive critical damage to the modules due to the fact that do not have time time to click on a fire extinguisher after the tank caught fire. You tell me that you can use avtoognetuschitel. But the fact is that the price of consumables is significantly greater than the base. And if more silver, the use of consumables goldovyh totlko that prevents the goal is in front of you to earn as much as possible. The question arises, how to save money and do not get the extra damage. This mode helps to resolve this dilemma. This modification makes the conventional automatic fire extinguisher. But there is one drawback.

Avtoognetushitel got into the list of prohibited modifications. Do not place the replays and screenshots in the public domain.

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source: wotspeak.ru


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