BlackArmorTech’s Battle Contours


This mod changes the colors of the vehicle contour image icons
displayed in the battle and battle loading screens

The revised colors are:

Heavy Tanks = Grey
Medium Tanks = Green
Light Tanks (includes all Wheeled Vehicles) = White
Tank Destroyers = Blue
Self Propelled Guns (Arty) = Red


Unzip or copy the BattleContours (version).wotmod file to:
your ‘game installation\mods\version’ folder

Also configure your game to display the vehicle tier via Settings:
General Tab – Battle Interface Box – Enable ‘Show vehicle tier’

XVM can be installed or not installed. If XVM is installed,
make sure tank icon mirroring is enabled in XVM’s battle.xc file
with the statement of “mirroredVehicleIcons”: true

>> Download Link <<

source: wgmods.net

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