Changes to the Game in 2020: Looking Towards the Future

Equipment 2.0

We want to diversify the usage of Equipment and move away from identical standard setups. We want to add new types of Equipment that influence new characteristics that were never affected before. We also want to simplify the system of Equipment types and their prices.

Currently, we think that vehicles will have slots for certain Equipment types. For example, one for gun handling, another for concealment or defensive equipment. This should lead to each role and vehicle type having certain bonuses that you will be able to apply to them which will help make their roles and play styles more prominent.

Equipment slot properties will be based on roles. There will be no restrictions for setups but some equipment will be available only to certain types of vehicles. There will be no penalties, only improvements. The bonuses will not be too strong—we want you to look for the right combination of equipment for your playstyle in a certain vehicle.

All this will be tested on the Sandbox server.

There is a problem—the high price of unmounting Improved Equipment, 200 bonds per one unit of such Equipment. Are there any changes planned?

The unmounting price is set to what it is to not reduce the value of Equipment, to prevent players from moving their Gun Rammer from vehicle to vehicle and have them save up bonds to purchase new Equipment.

However, after the introduction of Bounty Equipment, we will return to the unmounting issue, including the one for Improved Equipment. It will be resolved with the player in mind in any case—maybe by increasing the bond earnings.

Reward for Merit has been removed and you can’t receive the Demounting Kits anymore. Will you do something about it?

We will add the ability to receive Demounting Kits—we are currently testing how Daily Missions work and if everything is okay with them. We may add Demounting Kits as a reward. And you can also get one for completing a Bonus Daily Mission.

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