Hi, guys, I want to let you know yesterday WG made a hunt of us who using unfair modifications or for them cheats so many of us got a ban to accept me. I wrote a WG support and be honest I was a pissed off maybe some of us will be on my side let me explain I not writing this on another website or forum I writing this here course many of you will understand a situation. And don’t tell me I am cheater or another kind of shit but if yes I don’t give a fuck about that person. So back to the point, I am not happy with this course if I will make any other mistake I will get a permanent ban and I don’t want it I spent lot of money for this game over 2 000 and I´m not saying how much time I gave a this broken game. And let me tell you one thing i will be a never play this game without this mods I played over 10 000 battles without and my feeling was shit about this game and I not saying about my stats horrible but the most important thing this game is a piece of shit without this mods you don’t know how many times I was so angry about this how this game working spotting camo ARG physics and lot of other stuff in this game. If you use this mod you are still not a got on the battle just only you can have a feeling this game is much better with these mods and you can enjoy a bit more this arcade. Another thing this fucking company don’t care about us for them we are just a peace walking wallet nothing more this game is absolutely no fun and who was watching guys on the top list best players how many of you can get be like them almost nobody even with these mods you are not gonna by a unique player or even blue player. And you guys want just enjoy this game with this mods what is not legal for them you can do only fist stop to use them and play this game without but trust me when you used this mod and now you have to play without them you are not gonna enjoy it you are be only angrier how this shit game is. next step what you can do don’t care what WG said and after tham or straight use them again but I guarantee you will get a permanent bat and you don’t want that YES? And especially if you spent money and lot of time for your account then you can leave this game and do something another means another kind of game to play or something on real-life to do or another think last thing to try to sell you account but with this, you must be really careful. I will see what I will gonna do after my ban expires. I think this game and this company it did not deserve anyone euro pound dollar for this shit content and still, they are bosses if they don’t like you they can give a ban and what you want to do with that nothing they can do with this game whatever they want even after years you can see how they make new patches and they smart marketing focusing just for a profit not for game and players to be on me I will be don’t have any problem to leave this illegal mod to be let them a legal. Just WG today you don’t gonna see ever more money from my credit card and i hope guys don’t be a fish and play this game if you want without mods and be a suicide or or just dont play this shit it is up to you. Have good day GUYS!

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  1. The whole truth about Ruthenians from WG they only care about the wallet and credit cards of the players do not care at all about the game and the players. This game without mods does not make sense and cheaters no longer ban because they have it in the ass or do not ban players who do not play anything, do not ban children, do not ban campers on the respach, etc. should introduce age restrictions to the game and start banning fired accounts and improve this game because She has long gone to the dogs destroyed this game just by introducing some shit tanks to the game OP premium vehicles some anomizers. WG is greedy for money This is the policy Pay to Win pay and you win I hope that the coronavirus will die and a new team will arrive that will fix this game because those who are useless are not only suitable for extorting money from players and cheating because they pay them that is the truth

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