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Working period until 1.8.2021

Spread on your much-needed review of each of the world tanks Player mode x-ray adapted to World of  Tanks . The principle of operation is quite simple x-ray mode. To see the outline of the enemy machine is now no need to wait for the time-of-sight. It is enough to turn the camera on the enemy, and it will be encircled by a gray outline. What is useful from this information? Now you will be able to determine the position of the enemy’s body and see how it was going to tank (housing or caterpillar), where to go, which way to shoot and so on. No action of enemy equipment will be left without your attention. I will just wait for the moment and make a shot.

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.


Customize events can be edited using Notepad ++ file



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source: 4cheat.ru


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