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50% more Crew XP per battlePremium Missions

Homeowners of World of Tanks Premium Account could have the chance to satisfy a series of three easy each day missions.


More Combat XP per battleExtra Fight XP Per Battle

Commonplace Account enables you to exclude one map, whereas World of Tanks Premium Account permits you to exclude two.

Transfer crews between vehicles of the same type and nation without penalty or retrainingBonuses

World of Tanks Premium Account supplies a 50% bonus to Fight Expertise, Crew Expertise, and credit.

Elite status allows you to convert earned Combat XP into Free XPRelevant Modifier for XP

With World of Tanks Premium Account, apply a further x3 multiplier to expertise earned in your victorious Random Battles 5 occasions a day.

Accelerated crew trainingReserve Inventory

WoT PA Reserve Inventory: obtain an additional bonus of as much as 750,000 credit inside 7 days. Additionally, a 10% bonus to credit earned goes right into a particular vault.

More credits per battlePlatoon Bonus

In a Platoon, World of Tanks Premium Account holders obtain a 15% credit score bonus. Additionally, Platoon members who are usually not holders obtain a 10% bonus.

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