Zex WotCheat Modpack Damage Panel by Maks5187


Interesting implementation of the familiar fashion – damage the panel. This damage to the panel for World of tanks made modders with Maks5187 nickname. The mod has all the necessary features for this type of game client modifications. An interesting solution to get a log of the damage. After your tank has received damage, the value of lost output of CP in the center of the screen. Also there appears the name of the shooter tank projectile type and approximate recharge time. All received hits recorded in the log in the lower left corner, and the final damage is displayed in the center.

Icons crew and tank units were not changed and it can be repaired comfortably with the mouse. This solution is very useful for those players who are not accustomed to use to restore the affected parts of the tank keypad, and use the mouse out of habit.

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