Dapper Phantom AimBOT Delysid

Modification to the Aim and¬†Auto-Aim¬†functionality, which allows to aim at the enemy’s weak spots and lead the aim automatically.
The player only needs to lock Auto-Aim on an enemy vehicle (or presses a certain key, NUM 8) and shoot when the enemy vehicle is visible (or even when the enemy vehicle is not visible yet, but it is clear that it is about to leave its cover).

The AIM sight can:
– Target capture target like wheeled tanks
– Grab the obstacle
– Lead the enemy ahead
– Change the location of the aiming point
– Disconnect when specifying the maximum speed of your tank
– If the AimPoint aiming point is unavailable, the mod independently analyzes the availability of all three aiming points. In the case of finding an accessible aiming point, automatic redirection is performed
– You can specify the distance to the target near which the lead is turned off
– Ability to specify the size of the sector in which auto-capture of the target is triggered
– Delay of self-switching off the caravan when the captured target is out of the light
– Use of the server’s sight with the auto sight included
– Allocation of the target with a graphic marker with the auto sight included
– Graphic indicator of the activated auto sight

Installing the aimbot sight with auto aiming in the folder: \ res_mods \ game version 1.7.*.* \ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods
* after changing the version of the game, simply transfer it to folders with the current version of the game.

>>Download link<<

source: wotcheats.ru

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