Destroyed Objects On The Minimap By Stealthz

Any map in World of Tanks boasts a large number of objects with which you can interact in every possible way. This modification shows fallen trees and destroyed objects on the minimap, which are the result of careless driving of the enemy. Using this mod, the player at the very beginning of the match will be able to obtain information about the location of those opponents who have destroyed at least one element with their tank.

Once activated, the destruction mod on the minimap for WOT from the first second of the round receives information about all destructible objects located on the map. As soon as one of the enemy tanks starts cutting down trees or deforming interactive elements, the coordinates of the “injured” object are immediately shown on the minimap using a special mark.

This gives the player a significant advantage in battle, since from the very beginning he can follow the movements of opponents on the map and choose the most successful route or position to enter the battle.
And given the fact that most WoT players like to deliberately destroy objects and constantly run into trees, boxes and other elements, the player using the modification will receive accurate data on the location of most enemies throughout the battle.

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source: mod-wot.ru


  1. Działa, ale mógłbym prosić by zamiast białych kropek na mapie pojawiały się świecące kwadraty jak było w poprzednich wersjach? Kropki są mało widoczne

  2. Dzisiaj przestał działać. Zbugował się HUD (zniknęła tabela, celownik, mapa i wszystkie informacje). ESC też nie działa. Widac sam czolg tak jakbyś grał na klawiszu V

  3. then i install this mod, may av has to block an unrequestet pop up, the mod works, but there is a spyware or what ever u will call it in it, that will go to an viruspage, that my av blocks…strange, buddy says the same… i rip the mod and no problem anymore … too bad

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