Earn Great Rewards in Battle Pass Season 2!

New Core Vehicles

Each tank in Battle Pass has a Point Limit. The higher the tank’s tier, the higher the Limit. Once the Limit is reached, you can still play in the vehicle, but you won’t be able to earn more Progression Points, so you’ll need to choose another tank if you wish to continue earning them.

Each Battle Pass Season features several tanks with Core Vehicle status. They have special rules for obtaining Progression Points, as well as increased Limits. Season 2 will have two new Battle Pass Core Vehicles: the 


M48A5 Patton

(a Tier X American medium tank) and the


TVP T 50/51

(a Tier X Czechoslovakian medium tank). In addition, the same rules will apply to the


King Tiger (Captured)

, a powerful Tier VII American heavy tank. It will earn the same number of Progression Points as a Tier X tank.

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