Heavy Tank

Protected and fight solidified, the substantial tank is a mass of steel set on hitting the foe decisively in the mouth. Equipped with thick steel and a pitiless weapon, go head to head unafraid, even around other people. Secure and hold the bleeding edge. Kill warriors each in turn. Punch, reload, punch once more.

The overwhelming tank is worked to carry the restriction to demolish; carry the battle directly to your rival and be the last vehicle standing.


  • Heavily armored
  • Heavily armed
  • Very durable against repeated punishment
  • Lead the charge, when it’s time to push
  • Close-quarters combat can be advantageous
  • Shield allies from damage when applicable
  • Slow speed
  • Low maneuverability
  • Makes for a large, high-priority target
  • Artillery and tank destroyers can attack with relative ease due to size and speed
  • Faster, more maneuverable vehicles can run circles around you
  • Unfavorable terrain can limit your firing and manuevering ability