HWK 30: The Hawk-Eyed Speedster | Special Offers



Are you looking for a fresh light tank to spice up your Garage? This excellent German spotter may just be the tank for you. Originally designed as an export vehicle and destined for Mexico, this concept tank never actually made it beyond the drawing board.

Yet, in World of Tanks, the


HWK 30

is an extremely accomplished tank with the best view range at Tier VIII (410 m), even rivaling the top spots in the entire game. Single out targets and pick them off from a safe distance and defend yourself with good accuracy, a short aim time, and fantastic HE that you can use to out trade other lightly armored vehicles. Either lurk in the shadows and stay well concealed, or fly across the battlefield with a speed of up to 70 km/h.

Add the HWK 30 now to your collection and don’t forget to check out our additional offers for an extra boost.

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