Lansen C & FV1066 Senlac: Thunder and Lightning | Special Offers


This time Odin didn’t just send one of his wolves to aid you in battle but two mighty beasts. They are both fast as lightning and can hit their enemies almost as hard as Thor and his hammer.

The Lansen C is a Swedish Tier VIII medium tank that was developed by Landsverk for the Swiss Army. It features a stunning power-to-weight ratio, which will get you in the right position to use the deafening boom of the 105 mm gun. Combined with a fast reload time, you are looking at one of the best DPM of its Tier and class.

The FV1066 Senlac does not slow down either. Use this British Tier VIII light tank as a versatile support vehicle thanks to its QF 20 pounder, or light up enemies from afar with its great view range. Either way, once the quick Senlac is in the right spot at the right time, it will unleash a lightning bolt of a HE shell.

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