Medium Tank

At the point when your partners are getting out for salvage, fire backing, or holding down the benevolent base, yours is the telephone that rings. Medium tanks sport a changing blend of protective layer thickness, weapon yield, and speed. The medium tank officer must utilize his brains to expand his qualities.

Assemble a three-medium wolfpack and take out heavier warriors. Flank the foe and debilitate adversary toeholds. Move the tide of fight in your group’s support by initiating an attack into adversary held domain. Medium tanks are the vehicles of decision for cavaliering adrenaline junkies.


  • Multiple gun, armor, and speed configurations
  • Maneuverability
  • Flanking
  • Flank stationary forces like tank destroyers and artillery
  • Team up for combined potency (“wolfpacking”)
  • Clean-up crew: Eliminate heavily-damaged or out-of-position enemies
  • Slower than light tanks
  • Less armored & less potent than heavy tanks
  • Flanking maneuvers can result in being cut off
  • Going one-on-one with heavy tanks is a tough match-up
  • Counterflanking by enemies expecting your attack
  • Ambushes by enemies looking for the vanguard