New Balance Features in Update 1.9


What will happen to vehicles that will be relocated from the Tech Tree? Will they stay in the game?

All 92 vehicles that will receive the collectible status will remain in the game client and on players’ accounts (if they are in their Garages when the feature update goes live). After the release of Collectors’ Vehicles, all these tanks will be available for purchase for credits, and there will be no need to spend XP on their research.

How can I get a collectible tank?

Collectors’ Vehicles in each national Tech Tree will be available for purchase in accordance with the maximum tier researched in this particular tree. For example, if you have researched the Tiger II in the German Tech Tree, then the Jagdpanther II and all other collectible German tanks of lower tiers will be available for purchase.

What is the main difference between Collectors’ Vehicles and regular researchable vehicles? Do I need to retrain crews to reassign them to Collectors’ Vehicles?

The main difference is in how they are obtained—you don’t need to spend XP on researching Collectors’ Vehicles. In all other game aspects (economics, retraining of crews, etc.), regular and collectible vehicles are identical.

Where can I purchase a collectible tank?

In a separate section of the in-game shop. You can access it from the Tech Tree or by selecting the “Collectors’ Vehicles” tab in the in-game shop. You won’t lose the discount in credits that you obtained, for example, during previous Holiday Ops events.

What will happen to the “Technical Engineer” and “Tank Expert” achievements?

The “Technical Engineer by Nation” and “Senior Technical Engineer” achievements are applicable only to regular researchable vehicles.

To get the “Tank Expert by Nation” achievement, it is still necessary to destroy all the tanks from each nation’s Tech Tree, including collectible ones.

We also aim to add a new achievement for owning all the Collectors’ Vehicles in the game and 11 special achievements for owning all the Collectors’ Vehicles of a specific nation.

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