Shadow By Stealthz

October 26, 2020 zex 3

  Description Fascinating cheat mods for wot Shadow , which makes shooting without glare is considerably more viable. Arty Reload Timer

October 26, 2020 zex 0

Description: WoT mods Arty Reload Mod which gives you information on how much time will be artillery ready for the next fact. If you need to […] Repair Extended By Spoter

October 26, 2020 _zex_ 7

Repair_Extended By Spoter– auto repair– auto heal– scripted extinguisherAll settings are in: \res_mods\configs\repair_extended\repair_extended.json >>Download link<<

Halloween 2020: Your Guide to Mirny-13

October 23, 2020 zex 0

Akira Yamaoka, Aleksander Khilko, Aleksey Vanchuk – Mirny-13 (Hangar Theme) : Akira Yamaoka, Aleksander Khilko, Aleksey Vanchuk – Mirny_13 (WoT Halloween Hangar Theme 2020) Aleksander […] XVM Extended Visualization Mod 8.6.5

October 22, 2020 zex 11

  General Compatibility with World of Tanks Battle Added option: “battle”/”showPostmortemDogTag” — display pop-up panel with a dog tag Hangar Added option: “hangar”/”showEventBanner” — banner of […]