January 10, 2018 zex 0

The micro patch will released on the morning of Thursday, 11th of January. Mods will again break, the folders will be called /mods/ and […]


December 23, 2017 _zex_ 0

World of Tanks enCore is a demo for the new graphics engine for World of Tanks. The application will assess the performance of the updated […]

9.21.0 X-Ray By

December 13, 2017 zex 0

X-Rays (rentgen) mods for WOT 9.21.0 Description: Mod alters the tanks of the world customer, so that the enemy tanks circled constantly, regardless of whether […]

9.21.0 RedBall RU

December 12, 2017 zex 0

Only for RU server!!! Trial until 21.12.2017 If you are a true lover of the artillery, the modes “Red Balloons” is specially designed for you. […] Shadow By Stealthz

December 9, 2017 zex 2

Working period until 12.12.2017 Interesting cheat mode Shadow , which makes shooting without glare is much more effective. Very handy thing, if the enemy suddenly […] Hawgs Leviathan Battle Results

December 8, 2017 zex 0

Hawgs Leviathan Battle Results. This mod changes the stock battle Results into Leviathan Tank Battle Results, A different  Leviathan Tank picture for each type of results.