RedBall By Limarik

If you are a true fan of artillery, then the “Red Balls” mod is specially designed for you. Now you will have the opportunity to play an artillery duel with the enemy. True, thanks to the Redball mod, you will have an overwhelming advantage. The exact position of the art at the moment of firing the mod can only be calculated if the place of the shot is in the DIRECT visibility of YOUR art sight. As in the first screenshot.


The white point is the APPROXIMATE place of the shot, CALCULATED BY THE TRAJECTORY of the arty projectile that exploded next to you.

Another frequent vine – the mod does not always work.

So the enemy art shoots at the other end of the map from you. There are no breaks in someone else’s art in your visibility zone, and there is nothing for fashion to calculate even the approximate location of the enemy art.

Algorithm for applying the mod:

You see a white dot – move the art sight of your art to this area.
Wait for the next shot of the enemy art.
If the location of the shot is within the line of sight of your art sight, you see a RED dot.
Shoot there.
If someone else’s art has not moved – BINGO!

Download link

source: wotspeak.ru