RedBall By Limarik


In the event that you are a genuine admirer of the big guns, the mods for wot “Red Balloons” is uncommonly intended for you. Presently you will have the chance to play with the foe in a big guns duel.

Genuine says thanks to Redball style you will have a staggering prevalence. You have to compute just the surmised position of the foe’s specialties and occasions will stamp the particular area shots red ball. It will just come down to this position and make a deadly shot to the adversary. On the off chance that you don’t crush it right the first run through – don’t stress, it is conceivable contender moved after the shot. Whenever you take a little development forward or in reverse comparative with the red imprint.

This is the forbidden mods for World Of Tanks, please note that if used, you may be permanently banned.

Simply recollect: players who are found utilizing illegal mods just because, will get an admonition and a suspension of 7 days. Players discovered utilizing them for the subsequent time will be for all time prohibited.

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source: wotspeak.ru