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The maps in World of Tanks are designed in such a way that they contain shootable objects through which the projectiles fly through and hit the enemy tank without any problems. During a battle in World of tanks, the removal of objects under fire plays an important role. It would seem that these destructible elements do not have any effect on the gameplay, but this is not so: they interfere with aiming at the enemy and choosing the most vulnerable area on the vehicle.

The modification allows you to remove all objects from the location, interfere with the view, but let the projectiles pass through themselves. Thanks to him, the gamer will have an advantage over the enemy, since he will know exactly where to shoot in order to inflict damage.

In order to use the modification, you just need to unpack it into the game folder and start any battle in World of Tanks. Removal of the projectile elements is carried out using a hotkey, which can be configured in the xml file. By default, the function turns on when you press NumPad 5. To return objects, you need to press the button again.

The mod has the following advantages:

removes shooting objects on the map;
practically does not affect the load of the video card during the game;
allows you to accurately aim at opponents hiding behind destructible objects;
improves visibility during battle.
The mod is prohibited and may lead to account blocking. You use it at your own risk.

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source: stealthz.ru


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