Repair Extended By Spoter

The purpose of this mod is the maximum ease of use of the functions of healing and repairing a tank in battle. World of tanks automatically by priority or using one button.

Sometimes during a battle several modules can fail and several crew members are wounded. After installing this modification, the repair will take place according to a certain algorithm, which you can specify in the settings file.

For example, if your track, engine and ammo rack are broken, and in the settings file, the priority of repairing ammunition rack 1, track and engine 2, then the ammo rack will be repaired.

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source: mod-wot.ru


  1. Anglish: Hi, can anyone modify this mod to work automatically without pressing buttons?/
    Česky/Czech: Ahoj, může tento mod někdo upravit, tak aby fungoval automaticky bez mačkání tlačítek?

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