Sandbox 2021: Attempt Out Crew 2.0!

Aiming time: 0%

View vary: 0% 0%

Car dealing with: 0% 0%

Goal visibility when it’s now not noticed: 0 s

Consumable cooldown: 0%

Likelihood of inflicting injury to modules/injuring crew members of enemy autos: 0%

Reload velocity: 0%

Injury dispersion: 0%

Dispersion on turret and gun traverse: 0%

Dispersion throughout motion, on hull and turret traverse: 0%

Decrease restrict of harm dispersion: 0%

Decrease restrict of armor penetration: 0%

Concealment: 0%

Time to restore broken modules: 0%

Likelihood of crew member harm: 0% 0%

Destructive impact of crew harm: 0%

Likelihood of engine hearth: 0%

Time to extinguish a fireplace: 0%

Variety of hit factors of inside modules: 0%

Destructive impact of crucial injury to inside modules: 0%

Stun length: 0%

Dispersion: 0%

Car acceleration price: 0%

Resistance to all varieties of terrain: 0%

Hull traverse velocity: 0%

Dispersion throughout motion and hull traverse: 0% 0%

Gun reload time: 0%

Car acceleration and hull traverse velocity: 0%

Likelihood of taking injury to inside modules or harm to crew members: 0%

Pace of adjusting the shell sort: 0%

Injury attributable to ramming: 0%

Injury taken upon ramming: 0%

Reverse acceleration: 0%

Cooldown time of First Assist Kits: 0%

Cooldown time of Restore Kits: 0%

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