Season 3 of Ranked Battles 2019–2020: Grab Your Annual Reward!

What’s New?

The core gameplay in this Season will not change significantly compared to the previous fray, but we’ve carefully analyzed your feedback and introduced some slight changes to make Ranked Battles even more enjoyable. Let’s take a closer look.

    • Role Experience: A New Vehicle Role


A small reminder: Role Experience has been introduced to Ranked Battles to refine the way you play with your favorite tanks. It is earned after every battle according to your performance (damage, destroyed enemies, etc.) and your play style on the battlefield.

Previously, we introduced seven main vehicle roles in battle. In Season 3, we’re adding one more—Versatile Attack Vehicle. This category includes medium tanks with low mobility, but decent armor. They are particularly effective in close- and mid-range battles, providing great support for vehicles with the role of “Defender”. To earn as much Role XP as possible, Versatile Attack Vehicles need to:

    • Block damage


    • Deal damage to tanks within your view range


The following tanks can be considered the most typical representatives of the new Role XP category: the 


Object 430U,



E 50 Ausf. M,

 and the 


M48A5 Patton.


One of the matchmaker’s primary goals is to get you into battles with comparable and competitive teams. To provide you with a more convenient gameplay environment, we’ve tweaked the matchmaker a bit so that wheeled vehicles are matched separately from tracked tanks. As a result, there will be noticeably fewer battles in which one team has a wheeled vehicle and the other doesn’t.

    • Reworking the mechanics of earning XP for the destruction of enemy vehicles


The amount of XP you get for destroyed vehicles will now depend on the total damage you deal to that enemy. You will only earn maximum XP if you’re the one that dealt all the damage to the destroyed tank.

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