Shadow By Stealthz



Fascinating cheat mods for wot Shadow , which makes shooting without glare is considerably more viable.

Exceptionally helpful thing, if the foe out of nowhere vanished from the glare, and you don’t have the opportunity to shoot. Presently, instead of the last showcase of the foe war machine will show its make way and name. In the event that fruitless challenger has not begun to move, at that point we can even vytselit defenselessness. The marker will be shown until it is time until the tank will turn somewhere else.

Change of shadow doesn’t influence the quantity of casings every second (FPS).

Mod alludes to precluded. You use it at your very own hazard.

Simply recollect: players who are found utilizing illegal mods just because, will get an admonition and a suspension of 7 days. Players discovered utilizing them for the subsequent time will be for all time prohibited.

>>Download link<<

source: wotspeak.ru


  1. game crashes at the start with this mod. tryed it 6 times, also after a restart, only after i del. the mod it start again :/

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