Sparks Will Ignite the Global Map During Metal Wars

More Possibilities and Rewards for Players

Players can earn even more rewards during the event.

They can also earn Fame Points in battles. When the event is over, players will be able to exchange Fame Points for rewards, including one of the Tier X vehicles. Also, the player’s position on the Personal Leaderboard determines whether the “Guardian of Crown” 3D style, the “Damascus Steel” 2D style, bonds, or the Global Map Legend badge will be awarded.

The speed at which personal Fame Points are received depends more on the player since, like in previous events, each participant needs to decide for themselves whether to exchange personal Fame Points for bonuses or accumulate them to spend on various rewards when the event is over.

Players can use their personal Fame Points to purchase bonuses that increase the number of Fame Points earned in battles. However, make sure to use this mechanic wisely.

After each battle during the event, players will receive various resources that can be used in the Workshop to make parts and receive Premium vehicles.

Players will be able to use experimental modules to increase the vehicle’s battle performance.

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