SU-85I: A Rare Sight in the Shop | Special Offers


When the Soviet army encountered the heavy German Tiger and Panther tanks, they knew that they would need a new vehicle capable of taking out these armored beasts. Various concepts and ideas were proposed, including the combination of a captured German Pz.Kpfw. III tank with a powerful Soviet cannon. The idea was simple and cost-effective, as it wouldn’t require creating and building an entirely new tank. Earlier tests had demonstrated that an 85 mm anti-aircraft gun was powerful enough to take out a Tiger I from a safe distance. Therefore, a prototype was created that mounted the cannon on the captured tank. The



was born. However, the tank never actually saw mass production, due to a shortage of D-5S-85 guns and the uncertainty over whether more Panzer IIIs would be captured.

Add this rare gem to your collection and see for yourself how powerful the 85 mm cannon with its high DPM really is. The impressive camouflage values will let you sneak up on unwary opponents to land quick 160 alpha punches.

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