Update 1.9.1 Preview

May 7, 2020 zex 0

The new Berlin map and cool customization mechanics are entering Supertest. Read more Discuss on Forum Source link

Update 1.9 in World of Tanks

April 21, 2020 zex 0

HP Increases for Low-Tier Vehicles The adjustments to HP pools in Update 1.9 will make Tier I−VI vehicles last longer in battle, while at the […]

Fair Play Update

March 10, 2020 zex 0

Commanders! Ensuring fair play has always been our top priority, so we’re continuing to act against those who use illegal mods that manipulate gameplay by […]

Update 1.8 Review

March 3, 2020 zex 0

Check out the new features of the latest World of Tanks update! Read more Discuss on Forum Source link