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Saturday, June 27 from 15:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Brawl Club Round 2

Following all the positive feedback we received from the first Brawl Club, we are going to bring the brawl back and this time, it will take over Random Battles!

Once more, many great content creators will compete for glory, fame, and great prizes to hand out to you!

Brawl Club will be streamed exclusively on Twitch!

Tune in and root for:

They will prove themselves in three different competitions:

    • Most damage caused


    • Highest amount of base XP collected


    • Most enemy vehicles destroyed


This time, it is split further into overall performance and single battle performance for a total of 6 top spots!

Who will take the crown in each category? Just like last time, the competitors can only win in one category and earn amazing rewards for their followers. The following goodies are at stake:

Best Overall Performance in each category:

Best Single Battle Performance in each category:

Additionally, every streamer receives 5x 7 days of World of Tanks Premium Account!

The winners will be announced on the Tankfest Online stream on June 28.

Twitch Drops

Even if your favorite streamer doesn’t manage to earn a top spot in the brawl, there is another way for you to earn some sweet rewards on June 27. During the Brawl Club stream, we are going to try Twitch Drops for the first time, meaning you can get up to three types of rewards just watching streams! All you have to do is make sure that your Wargaming account and your Twitch account are connected. Then you can lean back, enjoy great tank action, and wait for the goodies to drop directly into your Garage!

Check out the dedicated article for account linking instructions, reward details, and FAQ.

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