Top Tankers Event Mod


Keep track of your results right in-game with a mod developed specifically for the event. Once installed, it will give you a summary of a tank’s performance (the current score and position in the rating at the top center of the vehicle icon in the Vehicle Carousel). The Garage will also feature a detailed breakdown in the Technical Characteristics tooltip, with information on all 5-battle series and the last 5 games played in a particular vehicle, as well as your current position in the ratings.

About the Event

Top Tankers event is open to all players. It begins October 27 at 05:30 CEST (UTC +2) and will run for a month, inviting you to choose any Tier VI–X tank or tank destroyer and show your prowess in fan-favourite Random Battles. Fame, complete with special awards like rare vehicles, including the iconic Type 59, and more, will be assured to each player that makes it on the top tankers list by the event’s end, on November 28, 06:30 CET (UTC +1). On top of that, exclusive medals will be awarded to those of you who earn exceptionally good scores and rank in the TOP 3, TOP 100 or TOP 1000 in any vehicle fit for the event.

>>Download Top Tankers Event Mod<<

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