Tundra Script By Makct, lelicopter & PolarFox

Mod Tundra allows you to remove the crowns of trees and foliage in the sniper scope. This method of removing excess vegetation gives you a distinct advantage in the game. It is not clear vegetation creates additional discomfort during enemy tank and the advantage of the enemy hiding in the forest to become minimal. However, it is worth noting that the team considers him the game developers cheat. Therefore, when using the tundra, remember that the results of its successful game in the form of screenshots and replays should not fall into the open sources, as it can follow the account lock. Mod is prohibited. You use it at your own risk.

>>Download link<<

source: wotspeak.ru


  1. My account has been locked for 7 days using this mod. Weird thing is I’m using this mod for couple of days and other tundra mods for years, but this is the only time my account got a ban. Is there any workaround for this WOT detection system? Also is there other tundra mod that doesn’t get detected?

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