Turán III prototípus: The Hungarian Sniper | Particular Presents


The title already signifies that this collector’s gem shouldn’t be your typical mass-produced medium tank. The

Turán III prototípuby no means really went into manufacturing after car manufacturing in Hungary was halted by the summer time of 1944.

The medium tank with its long-barreled 75 mm 43.M gun however discovered its approach into World of Tanks and sits within the German Tech Tree amongst comparable automobiles just like the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H, which the Turán outperforms by way of turret armor and survivability. Each of those benefits, mixed with good gun efficiency, spectacular gun melancholy, and a slender construction underline the help position of this medium tank.

You received’t be capable to flip the tide by yourself, however intelligent teamwork will result in nice success.

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