Wot Cheat Modpack


For infringements of the game rules, penalties may be imposed on players
using illegal modifications up to the blocking of the game account without the right to restore.
By installing and using these mods you accept full responsibility for their use.
If you do not agree with the possible sanctions, we strongly recommend that you do not use these mods.


За нарушения правил игры, могут быть применены санкции в отношении игроков
использующих запрещённые модификации вплоть до блокировки игрового аккаунта без права восстановления.
Устанавливая и используя данные моды вы принимаете полную ответственность за их использование.
Если вы не согласны с возможными санкциями, то настоятельно рекомендуем вам отказаться от использования данных модов.

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  1. Wow Cliff, I´m impressed! The use of language is obviously very difficult for some people. There is a subtle distinction between criticism an suggestion. But what we can expect from a person who uses defamation instead of arguments?

  2. I have got problems with starting the client with your modpack.
    Seems it hangs up. Yesterday I entered the game after 7 minutes looping.
    After deinstalling the modpack, everything works fine.

    Seen yet. Seems the same as RUSTY wrotes.

  3. Great modpack, but the TUNDRA SCRIPT causes very long client load time up to 5min. This comes up last weeks.Is there any solution ?

  4. Hahaha Chris, so in the same breath that you suggest I should rather say thank you than criticize you go and criticize and disguise it as a suggestion you IDIOT!

  5. You´re right Cliff, one of the best or the best Modpack. So I would suggest to say THANK YOU to the programmer instead of criticizing! Haste makes waste!
    I do not want to criticise, but I would like to make a suggestion for improvement:
    Even after switching off AdBlock, I can’t access your website. A mistake seems to have crept in here.

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